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Improve Competitiveness

Comprehensive Resource

A complete resource center for insurance agents and benefits advisors – enabling growth and competitive advantage. Powerful insights and actionable tools not available through any other source.

Broaden Services

Dedicated Partner

We are solely focused on equipping benefits advisors to evolve their business in a changing environment. Our name comes from the SIC industry segment code 64: insurance agents and brokers. We measure our success by the achievement of our members.

Improve Retention

Proven Practices

Proven practices for benefits advisors that deliver breakthrough value to clients through turnkey resources and demonstration of relevant expertise and counsel.

Serve the Client

The client relationship must be the primary focus of every insurance agent and benefits advisor. As the industry has evolved, client opportunities and needs have grown increasingly complex. Prudent advisors realize they can expand services to meet this need. As they have already incurred the client acquisition expense and now need to monetize their client relationships in a new manner. In the face of projected 40%-50% compensation loss in the next 2-3 years, an opportunity exists for agents to broaden offerings and further solidify your biggest asset – your client relationships.

Collaboration is Key

With the insurance industry in a state of revolution, aligning yourself to a peer group committed to growth and seeking common answers is the first step to taking control and addressing your business challenges.

Always be Improving

No matter how successful you’ve been, there is always room for improvement and adaptation, particularly in the rapidly changing environment. Business models and skills must evolve. A consultative approach must prevail to maintain and grow revenues. Things cannot remain status-quo. Creative solutions and delivery are a must.

Complete Benefits Consulting

HR leaders need your expertise now more than ever. As HR consulting is converging across benefits and compensation, clients need more holistic guidance, focused on total rewards. They need to see their challenges answered in comprehensive, customized solutions.

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