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Struggling to collect clean census data from prospects? No system to manage the end-to-end client relationship?

Easily manage different enrollment scenarios and cost projections by quickly loading plans and excel census data to Code SixFour. Easily update and manage data in Code SixFour, increasing data integrity and creating more accurate documents and reporting. 

Cloud-Based Plan Library

Store Medical, Dental, Vision, Life and Disability plans to your Code SixFour Cloud. Instead of entering every plan for every client – create it once, then share it across your entire book of business.


Discovery Questionnaire

Easily capture intelligence about prospects and clients earlier in the sales process using a simple and client-friendly web-based survey questionnaire. Upon completion, you’ll receive an email with a pre-made proposal based on the client responses and feedback.

Self-Funded Plan Database

Organize and easily compare varying ASO contract terms, stop-loss coverage parameters, and plan administration pricing. Incorporate this data into all your Code SixFour proposals. 

Census Grid Storage

Organize census data from any payroll or HRIS application in the country, and import into Code SixFour in seconds with our automated data-mapping feature.

Claims Data Storage

Extract raw member-level claims data from insurance carriers, then rely on the Code SixFour team to analyze and translate every claim and ICD-10 code to powerful insights. 


Community Rating Database

Lookup and automatically populate community rates based on age and geography. Connect the rating database to your plan library, and embed real-time quoting to all your presentation content.


The heart of Code SixFour’s application is the content automation engine. With the power of document automation through Code SixFour, you can build and distribute perfect documents in just a few clicks.

Robust document generation and automated reporting can save countless hours in your agency, while providing your firm with a sophisticated look and feel to every presentation that lands in front of a client. 

Benefit Booklet Builder

Create, manage, and store customized client open enrollment booklets.  Utilize multiple templates and generate up to 18 different sections; including Medical, Dental, Ancillary lines, as well as CDHP educational material, and standardized legal notices.

Finalist Proposal Generator

Reduce errors and save time in the development of RFP responses and client proposals.  Don’t reinvent the wheel with every client meeting; simply drag & drop the components you need, to instantly build a comprehensive benefits strategy and proposal.

CostLens Benefits Planning

An interactive portal to save time on renewals with live contribution modeling.
Compare and contrast plan design scenarios for Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, and Disability coverages.

What-If Scenario Modeling

Easily create multiple scenarios for each client; with varying plan designs, contribution structures, and enrollment cost projections. Manage each custom scenario in seperate data sets, then summarize all of the analysis into your final deliverable.

Custom Reporting

Already have your best proposal template designed and specific to your agency? No problem; our system is compatible with all Microsoft Office Suite products. Merge data from and item or object in Code SixFour into richly formatted templates and content linked up with our technology. 



Have your ever delivered a final client report named something like this? 


Take control of the content management process. Organize your agency’s intellectual property, so it can be easily shared across offices, across accounts, and across the client lifecycle.

What’s more, Code SixFour can capture how your content is being used; so your firm can identify and repeat what works.

Hosted Agency Content

Create, manage, and store custom agency content, for easy retrieval. Integrate Code SixFour materials with existing tools and templates your firm as already built.

Consulting Asset Design

How do you bring data and insurance insights to life? With thoughtful and innovative design. Working with Code SixFour, we can provide support in the design for your custom consulting content – creating infographics, copy, and material – then automating it in The Benefits Consulting Cloud.

Agency-Specific Branding

Our deep branding customization capability applies throughout all content managed within Code SixFour; vary font sizes, positioning, colors, background images, and more – for a truly unique look and feel.

Fee-for-Service Calculator

The Code SixFour Fee-for-Service calculator provides a system for translating the value of brokerage services to consulting fees. Link the fee-based model to your content in Code SixFour to generate a statement of work based on the value you’re delivering; not the carrier’s commission rate.

Data Integrations

Don’t suffer from double data-entry! Our platform offers integrations with leading technology companies; including Employee Navigator, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Gen4Systems, and more.

Access Provisioning System

Control system access across the country by customizing views with granular user access rights controls. Divide presentation templates into multiple pre-made packages, and control who can view or edit them.

Interested in more? Check out our available Content Packages

Templates, collateral and customizable resources created for use with The Benefits Consulting Cloud technology platform

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